Dear Ms. Luigi & Friends:

We are so grateful to Micela Properties for this wonderful gift of $500.00 for Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. Your gift came at a good time, as we are getting our children ready for school which starts August 10th.

We have recently taken in five children and it is so heartbreaking to hear what they have gone through. When the children first arrive they experience what we refer to as "the honeymoon period". This is where they are so excited with their beautiful bedrooms, the food, the skate park and the many fun activities that we have. Then later on they start thinking about the abuse, abandonment or the parent that is in prison and then the sadness and the testing comes.

One of our boys who experienced a failed adoption was so angry, that his house parents asked me to talk with him. As we talked, he said every bad thing he could think of. I cannot imagine how I would feel; if my own parents didn’t want me and now my adoptive mother had given me up. I just listened and when he got all through saying what he wanted to say, I said, "I am so glad that you let me know how you feel." He didn’t need me to judge or criticize him. I told him that we all loved him and that there was no better place than Sunshine Acres when you cannot be with your family. I told him "I know that you do not feel that way now, but we are here for you."

A week later I was in his home here at Sunshine Acres, and he was playing a video game. I asked him how things were going. He said fine. I told him that I loved him and he said I love you and of course that made my day. It is exciting to see how love works miracles. His house parents said he is improving every day and that he has leadership qualities and he is very smart.

Thank you again for your gift that is helping hurting children to have a better life.
To Whom It May Concern:

Writing a testimonial is not always an easy task. However, in this case it was not only easy but a pleasure.

I have worked with Luigi Micela since 2004. He was looking to start a professional relationship with a competent and trustworthy local lender to refer his many clients looking to build a new custom home and in need of construction financing. After our initial meeting it was evident that we were like minded individuals looking to provide the best products of high quality to meet the clients every need. Since then we have collaborated on many custom homes as well as developments in the Mesa/Scottsdale/Greer areas.

The quick success and reputation that Micela Properties has gained in such a short amount of time is a testament to the quality of his homes along with the drive, dedication and fair business practices demonstrated by Mr. Micela. While his homes speak for themselves, it is his eye for style and "hands on approach" to every detail and quality that sets him apart from other builders. The level of organization and hands on approach makes everybody involved perform in an efficient manner not usually associated in the custom home business. He always kept me informed every step of the way before, during and after the building process. I was easily able to communicate with all his wonderful clients and help them. With his involvement it was extremely easy to obtain all the necessary documentation I needed to close the construction loan on time so the building process could begin.

The "anything possible with the right team" attitude displayed by Micela Properties has put him ahead of the curve in the local sea of builders that the Mesa/Scottsdale/Greer area has to offer. While new technologies advance in the construction industry many builders shy away from them thinking the learning time involved is not profitable. Luigi Micela embraces these new concepts and materials as items that make him a better builder and make his product stand out from the competition.

In the end it is the homes themselves that will speak volumes about the company that built them. I have no doubt that current and future owners of Micela Properties Custom Homes will appreciate the process of building a home with a company that went the extra mile to make sure it is a product of lasting quality.
Dear Luigi,

Micela Properties, Inc. recently completed a complete landscaping remodel on my property located at Lot 23 Rock Canyon Ï. I can't thank you and your company enough for the amazing end result. Our property has been completely transformed by your design and quality workmanship in a way that I could never have imagined. The ramada, retaining walls, mature trees, pavers, synthetic grass and lighting all come together to create an oasis outside our door. The creativity in your projects is unbelievable!

I could always count on your team to be on time and to clean up after themselves. The small challenges that have come up since completion were resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. Knowing that you also built the house we are living in gives me a high level of security because I know your attention to detail and expectations of quality work cannot be matched
Dear Mr. Micela:

On behalf of Arizona burn survivors, thank you for making a difference with your generous donation in the amount of $5,000.00 received in May 2010 for the Arizona Burn Center. For your tax purposes please note that the Foundation did not provide any goods or services in consideration, in whole or in part, for this contribution.

Since 1967, the Foundation for Burns and Trauma, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been dedicated to the prevention of burns and their related trauma, and to the treatment and rehabilitation of burn survivors. Your support means a great deal to us. Thank you for your interest and participation in helping us to meet the growing demands of moving our burn community from victims to survivors.
We are very thankful for your gift of $500.00, as it is helping children.

We are always excited to help children in need, as we have been able to see how God and love can change their lives. One of the children that my husband and I had the privilege to care for was living with his father, who had no job and was having a nervous breakdown. Someone told him about Sunshine Acres, so he placed his son Lance with us. He was 12 years old and he loved sports. In High School, he was on the wrestling team and was very good in football. His father visited him often and when Lance was a senior, he rented an apartment near Westwood High School and we were so happy they could be together, as his father was doing well by this time.

Lance won a full scholarship in football to the University of Arizona. He ended up marrying the coach's daughter. He is now retired from being a coach of a high school in Tucson. Their son is an orthopedic surgeon and he is now the doctor for the University of Arizona's football team. Lance is very thankful for his upbringing at Sunshine Acres, as this is where he learned to trust in God and to be a part of our big family.

It is great having e-mails as it makes it much easier to stay in contact with our former children and receive updates on their lives. We can see that when you help one child, you are helping many generations.

Thank you again for your gift.
Dear Luigi,

Having recently completed the home at Lot 22 Walking Stick, this seemed like a good time to say thank you for all of your help along the way. Building a custom home can be a major undertaking and I feel that you took a great deal of the stress away because 1 was confident that you were always staying on top of the subcontractors and not giving up until the expected level of quality was reached by each and every one of them. I was very surprised and delighted with the way you were "hands-on" throughout the project and this made for a much more enjoyable building experience. With my busy work schedule, I really trusted you to take a great deal of the decision making out of my hands and have no regrets. With your design/build approach, everything went together from the floor plan to the pool and landscaping to the tile work.

Thank you again, Luigi, for a quality, professional job well done!